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This site has basic resources for kids to learn about the geography, mapping and science of where. What is GIS?

The Mappy Pickaway County GIS website has additional resources to explore.


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GIS Fun Facts for Kids


Resources Below:


Basic Coloring Happy Mappy Pages:

Pickaway County Page 1 & Page 2 Ohio Map 1 & Map 2 Ohio Counties Map Book
USA Map 1, Map 2, & Map 3 US States Map 1 & Map 2 World Map 1 & Map 2
External Links ESRI Coloring Sheets Comic Coloring Book

USGS Resources

USGS & Teachers Kids Facts on USGS USGS Kids - Zot the Frog
USGS National Map USGS Earthquakes for Kids - Map 1 & Map 2

National Geographic
National Geographic GIS Activity National Geographic Interactive Map
Map Maker Kits Classroom Resources Extra Mappy Map Resources

CIA The World Factbook World Factbook Maps
Maps of CIA Spy Kids Flags of the World

Geography Happy Mappy Games
Learning Fun Games U.S,A, Games - Fun Geography World Exciting Games
World Flags World Fun Geography 2 Geography Cool Games
MapZone of Skills Maps4Kids Racing Cars - Story
Maryland GIS Kids Geography Treasure Hunts Geography Realm

U.S. Census
US Census Census in Schools Count all Kids
Census Maps 2020 Census Explore your Community

Ohio Ohio History Ohio Adventure Trails
Ohio Dept of Natural Resources ODNR Maps Pickaway GIS

ESRI and Other Mappy Links
ESRI ArcGIS Online Map Museum Living Atlas
GIS Day ESRI Schools Programs Maps & Maps 3D Globe Maps
Oceans & Silk Road Cool Maps GISGeograpghy Google Earth Maps
Good GIS GIS in the Classroom GIS Learning Travel State Dept Map

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