[ 2151.02.2] 2151.022 Unruly child
(As defined in the ORC).

As used in this court, "unruly child" includes any of the following:

(A) Any child who does not subject himself or herself
to the reasonable control of his or her parents, teachers,
guardian, or custodian, by reason of being wayward or
habitually disobedient;

(B) Any child who is an habitual truant from home
or school;

(C) Any child who so deports himself or herself as
to injure or endanger his or her health or morals or the
health or morals of others;

(D) Any child who attempts to enter the marriage
relation in any state without the consent of his or her
parents, custodian, or legal guardian or other legal

(E) Any child who is found in a disreputable place,
visits or patronizes a place prohibited by law, or associ-
ates with vagrant, vicious, criminal, notorious, or im-
moral persons;

(F) Any child,who engages in an occupation prohib-
ited by law or is in a situation dangerous to life or limb
or injurious to his or her health or morals or the health
or morals of others;

(G) Anv child who violates a law, other than division (A)
of section 2923.211 [2923.21.1] of the Revised Code,
that is applicable only to a child.

HISTORY: 133 v H 320 (Eff 11-19-69); 146 v H 4. Eff 11-9-95.
See provisions, 3 of HB 4 (146 v --) following RC 2151.02.

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