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Judge P. Randall Knece                                                     740-474-6026


Alice Malott, Court Reporter/Court Secretary                      740-474-8376


Deanna Reeser, Assignment Commissioner                           740-474-6026


Gary Whited, Court Bailiff                                                 740-477-3760


Diana Rhymer, Secretary, Adult Probation Department          740-477-3840


Fax Number:                                                                    740-477-6334





Elisa Branham, Magistrate                                                  740-474-6026


Shelly Harsha, Magistrate                                                  740-474-6026


Fax Number:                                                                    740-477-6334




Mike Burgett                                                                    740-474-9048


Max Schorr                                                                      740-474-3275


Missy Hunt                                                                       740-474-2058




Earl W. Palm


Betty Caudill




Any questions pertaining to jury duty should be directed to The Common Pleas Court – 740-474-6026


There are four terms of Court per year:  January, April, July and October.   At each term of Court a new jury panel is selected.  Juror names are submitted by the Board of Elections, Pickaway County, Ohio from the voter registration, using a key number that is selected in August of each year.  There are 500 names drawn as Petit Jurors and 50 names drawn as Grand Jurors. 


Grand Jury is in Session once a month.  On occasion, there may be a need for a Special Grand Jury Session during the Term, however, that is very infrequent.  At least once during the Grand Jury Term it is necessary that the Grand Jurors inspect the Pickaway County Jail to ensure that the prisoners are receiving adequate treatment.  After this tour is completed the Jurors will reconvene in the Grand Jury Room and submit a written report to the Court.  A copy of the Grand Jurors Report is then forwarded to the Pickaway County Commissioners Office for their review.   


Petit Jurors are called for jury duty on an as-needed basis.  Jurors are only summoned in when there is an actual jury trial scheduled.  Petit Jury may consist of a criminal trial or a civil trial.  If the case being tried is a criminal case, 12 jurors will be seated with usually one or two alternates.  If the case being tried is a civil case, 8 jurors will be seated with one alternate.  Most trials (criminal and civil) last two days.  However, there are occasions when a trial may take a week, but that is rare.


Jurors are summoned to report for jury duty at 9:00 A.M.  The first part of the trial will be the selection of the jury.  This is called Voir Dire.  Once the jury is seated, usually a 10 minute recess will be taken.  Then the Court will commence with Instructions of the Court and opening statements of counsel.  Once opening statements are completed, witnesses will be called to the witness stand, and exhibits will be offered during the trial.  Once the testimony is completed, the attorneys will make closing arguments, the Court will give the Charge of the Court, and then the jury will commence deliberations.  Once the jury has reached a verdict, the foreperson will knock on the jury room door and announce to the Bailiff that the jury has reached a verdict.  At that time the jury will be returned to the courtroom, the verdict will be announced, after which the jury will be excused.  


The Court usually schedules one 10 minute recess in the morning and one 10 minute recess in the afternoon, with one hour for lunch.  The jurors are on their own during the lunch hour.   






(For consideration to be excused from jury duty, print out and complete the form below.)


Dear Juror:


As a registered voter of Pickaway County, you have been selected to serve as a petit juror in the Pickaway County Common Pleas Court for an upcoming 3 month term of Court.  The Court is located on the 2nd floor of the Pickaway County Courthouse at 207 South Court Street, Circleville.


You have not actually been selected for a specific date yet.  When your name is selected, you will be notified by mail of the specific date and time to appear.  Jury trials are normally scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays and typically last one or sometimes two days.


Any and all medical excuses, vacation requests and/or requests for discharge from jury duty should be completed on the Juror Excuse Form below and returned with the completed questionnaire in the self addressed stamped envelope provided.


Please do not request to be permanently excused from jury duty for any other reasons than listed on the Juror Excuse Form below.  As Judge of the Pickaway County Common Pleas Court, I am the only person who can excuse a juror, and I cannot excuse you under Ohio law except for the reasons listed below.  Please remember only a limited number of jurors are called for specific dates, therefore it is very important that you appear as Ordered.  Your summons is a Court Order and any failure to comply with the Order can result in the imposition of sanctions provided under Ohio law.  If you have any questions, please contact my office at (740) 474-6026.




                                  P. Randall Knece


                                                                                    P. Randall Knece, Judge




The following links can be viewed or downloaded Adobe Reader.


Juror Excuse Form

Physician's Release Form

Court Rules





Inquiries as to the procedure for becoming a Notary Public should be directed to Alice Malott, Court Secretary – 740-474-8376


The requirements to become a Notary include:  1) Applicant must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of Pickaway County; 2) The Notary Commission requested is for employment purposes.


The procedure is as follows:  Appointments are scheduled daily between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 9:00 A.M.  There is a $25.00 charge upon application.  Checks are acceptable made payable to the Clerk of Courts.  Upon completion of the application, the applicant is instructed to call the Sheriff’s Department at 740-477-6000, to schedule an appointment for a background check to be completed at the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Department, 600 Island Road, Circleville, Ohio  43113.  A pamphlet is given to the Applicant along with a scheduled time to take the written examination.  On the date of the examination the applicant must bring the completed background check from the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Department with them.  After the test has been completed it will be checked that day and the applicant will then be further instructed as to the procedures regarding obtaining their commission from the Secretary of State, Notary Commission.




The Magistrate hears domestic post-decree motions, pre-trials, temporary order hearings, Child Support Enforcement Agency hearings and cases involving custody.  Child Support Enforcement hearings are scheduled on Wednesdays and Thursdays.