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Judy C. Wolford 

 Judy C. Wolford has served as the County Prosecutor since 2006. She served as Assistant Prosecutor from 1994 until 2006. She has over 20 years experience in the Prosecutor's Office.


Ohio law authorizes the County Prosecuting Attorney to prosecute all criminal conduct occurring in Pickaway County. The County Prosecutor’s Office prosecutes cases involving adult felony and associated misdemeanor offenses, and juvenile delinquency matters that would be felony or misdemeanor criminal offenses if committed by an adult.


Circleville City Law Director, Gary Kenworthy, prosecutes cases involving solely misdemeanor-level offenses.  To contact Circleville Municipal Court call 740-474-3171.


In addition to its criminal prosecution responsibilities, the County Prosecutor’s Office is also responsible for representing the legal interests of all county and township elected officials, all county departments, and all county boards.  As their legal counsel, the Prosecuting Attorney provides legal advice and acts upon their direction regarding any legal issue they determine to pursue or defend.


The County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is composed of four main divisions, the Criminal Division, Juvenile Division, Civil Division and the Victims of Crime Program.


The office consists of the elected county prosecutor, four assistant prosecutors, two victim advocates and three office assistants.



Contact Information:


Pickaway County Prosecutor’s Office                       Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

203 South Scioto Street, P.O. Box 910                       Phone: 740-474-6066

Circleville, Ohio 43113                                               Fax:     740-477-7475


Judy C. Wolford

Prosecuting Attorney


Jayme Hartley Fountain                                             Victims of Crime Program

Asst. Prosecuting Attorney                                         Phone: 740-474-1781

                                                                                Emily A. Otterbacher, Director

Heather MJ Armstrong                                               Amanda Wright, Advocate

Asst. Prosecuting Attorney                                        


Jeffrey A. Catri

Asst. Prosecuting Attorney


Robert A. Chamberlain

Asst. Prosecuting Attorney


Legal and Administrative Support Staff:

Connie Rathburn

Tammy Deck

Lesa Partee


General Information:


Prosecutor Wolford and the Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys work closely with all law enforcement agencies within Pickaway County, assisting in the direction of investigations and other activities necessary to see that offenders receive fair and impartial treatment under the law and that justice is carried out in the best interests of the citizens of Pickaway County.


Reporting Criminal Activity:


Reports of criminal activity should be reported to your local city’s police department or if you live outside the city report to the County Sheriff’s Department.  In the event of an emergency, dial 9-1-1. Law enforcement can be reached at the following numbers:


Circleville Police Department:            740-477-8231

Ashville Police Department:               740-983-3112

South Bloomfield Police Dept.:          740-983-9482

Pickaway Co. Sheriff’s Dept.             740-477-2176

Ohio State Highway Patrol                 740-983-2538


Under Ohio law, Prosecutors are not authorized to provide legal advice or counsel to the general public, nor are they authorized to represent or defend private citizens in their capacity as Prosecutors. You can contact a private attorney or contact Legal Aid at 1-800-686-3668.



Felony Sentencing Post-HB86 RC 2929.13 and 2929.14 effective September 30, 2011 (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)




                                         Former Pickaway County Prosecutors


1810-1816       Richard Douglas

1816-1820       Joshua Folsom

1820-1824       Joseph Olds

1824-1827       Caleb Atwater-served at the same time

1825-1826       Guy W. Doane-served at the same time

1827-1832       Joshua Folsom

1832-1838       John L. Green

1838-1840       Henry N. Hedges, Sr.

1840-1841       Joseph H. Geiger

1841-1843       M.C. Canfield

1843-1845       John C. Groom

1845-1847       James Green

1847-1851       Jonathan Renick

1852-1854       Julius Wyman

1854-1856       Henry N. Hedges, Sr.

1857-1860       Joseph Olds

1861-1863       Lewis Hamilton Bond

1864-1865       C.B. Mason

1865-1867       Joseph Olds

1868-1872       Samuel W. Courtright

1872-1876       Issac Abernethy

1876-1880       Charles J. Delaplane

1880-1885       Jacob P. Winstead

1886-1891       Clarence Curtain

1891-1896       John Schleyer

1897-1902       Irvin F. Snyder

1903-1908       Charles Gerhardt

1909-1912       C.A. Leist

1913-1916       Meeker Terwilliger

1917-1918       John L. Heise

1919-1922       C.A. Weldon

1923-1926       Meeker Terwilliger

1927-1928       E.A. Brown

1929-1932       Emmitt L. Crist

1933-1936       Ray Davis

1937-1944       George E. Gerhardt

1945-1948       Kenneth Robbins

1949-1952       Guy G. Cline

1953-1957       William Ammer

1958-1960       Ray Davis

1960-1968       Robert H. Huffer

1969-1972       Roy H. Huffer, Jr.

1973-1976       Richard L. Gerhardt

1977-1980       James R. Kingsley

1981-1984       Roger Kline

1985-1988       William H. Harsha

1989-1994       P. Randall Knece

1995-2006       P. Eugene Long

2006- present   Judy C. Wolford